TrackPoint is HPT’s proactive support contract management solution. It has revolutionized how your IT department can manage your service and support contracts.

Through TrackPoint, you can track all your hardware assets (servers, storage subsystems, etc.) by serial number; plus manage all IT vendor contracts, warranty expirations, license management and license transfers for decommissioned systems. This data is available to you from a secure online portal that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere by multiple users. Each user can be set up independently to only have access to their specific environment.

By tracking information such as the device name, location and type, your managers and IT staff have easy access to where hardware and software is located, as well as its status. TrackPoint also includes the capacity for your different departments to internally communicate, memorialize and manage changes to equipment and licenses.

The reporting capabilities of TrackPoint provide you with a quick and convenient way to query your asset, software, and contract data to help you better manage and budget your IT expenditures. In addition to all the standard data loaded by HPT directly into TrackPoint, you can also add custom fields to capture your own specific information on your assets.

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