First Annual RTP Digital Transformation Conference

Conference Agenda and Speakers

Kevin Long,  Lifescale Analytics: “The Modern Data Platform”

Abstract: Data influx is causing people to rethink their IT infrastructure. Open source solutions are not always IT ready and can take a different mindset when adopting them for "production" use.   Kevin will share his lessons learned to help you avoid the pitfalls of making a big mess when implementing big data strategies.


BIO: Kevin Long has spent more than 25 years as both a consultant and bioinformatics research analyst and research group leader. He has worked for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in the areas of Big Data, Bioinformatics, business analytics, pharmacogenomics and informatics. 


John McCumber, (ISC)2: "Human Factors in the Age of Breach: Cybersecurity and the People Dimension"

Abstract:  Human factors are an oft-neglected, yet vital component in any security strategy.  This means not only your personnel, but in-depth knowledge of the motivations and techniques of threat actors.  In the Age of Breach, organizations require a comprehensive perspective of the risk mitigation triad of technology, policy, and human factors.  While focusing on the people component, this session will also cover the key principles of security and risk management that cut across organizational and technical boundaries.


Bio: John is a retired U.S. Air Force officer and former Cryptologic Fellow of the National Security Agency. During his military career, he served in the Defense Information Systems Agency and on the Joint Staff at the Pentagon as Information Warfare Officer during the Persian Gulf War. John has current and former faculty status with the National Cryptologic School, Defense Intelligence College, DoD Security Institute, Eastern Michigan University and The George Washington University. 


Ed Huneycutt, HPT: “Leading a Cloud Journey, Challenges and Opportunities”

Abstract:  The lack of information can derail an organization’s journey to the Cloud.  Gain an understanding of technology drivers that are changing and re-defining the hybrid data center of the future and see how a data-driven Cloud strategy improves security, saves money, reduces effort and increases your probability of success.


Bio: Ed is a Senior IT leader with over 30 years’ experience in government, manufacturing, and financial services sectors. Experienced in designing and building complex data center architectures for both Mode 1 and Mode 2 systems.  Ed has built award winning Cloud platforms for major financial institutions and now manages the Cloud Advisory Services business for HPT.


Paul Penny, Alignment Associates: “Aligning Your Organization for Transformation”

Abstract: The biggest hurdles to transformational change aren’t technical… they’re organizational and emotional. To get past them you must create the organization of the future… changing expectations and perceptions of IT.  We will explore the transformation hurdles this creates and alignment strategies that address them.


BIO:  Paul’s 30 years of consulting experience in the IT Services sector provides deep insight into the challenges faced by IT leaders. Paul leverages this 30 years of IT services consulting to develop and deliver alignment-focused consulting and coaching services.  Paul frequently speaks about and leads executive workshops on organizational alignment, is IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, a Certified ScrumMaster, and an ITIL™ Expert in IT Service Management.